Currently it is very quiet here … please to not hesitate to ask questions or comment articles in the ‘Knowledge Base’. But there is also another option for you available to communicate: you can “like” or “dislike” everything using the buttons at the end of each article or comment:

There is already a lot of support & learning material available in the ‘Library’. For instance you can download the rule sets plus data for all ‘eCognition Deconstructed’ videos. Furthermore, with the ‘Project Examples’ you see how other users solve feature extraction challenges or how selected algorithms works.

It would be great if you “like” articles which were helpful for you (“dislike” is possible too, of course)! This could motivate people to upload more material or help other eCognition users to identify the most interesting material.

With your votes you can also increase the importance of feature request in the ‘Software Wish-list’.


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