Do you have any plans to get all the old posts into the community?

As far as I remember, there were many questions and shared documents for users' references. That would be great if we can search our questions over those previous posts




  • Trimble Support

    Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you see it, this is not possible. With the re-launch of our Community we also have the chance to start with a clean slate and given the incredible developments and advancements in the software as of late we are able to provide all our users with updated material. Nevertheless, we are also working to integrate relevant topics that transcend the software history.
    For example, you can find a growing number of tutorials and demonstration projects in the Knowledge Base. Keep an eye on this as we continue to add new material!

  • Keith Peterson

    Thanks for your feedback. As our Support team mentioned, it was technically not possible to migrate all the old posts to the new platform. But we are working to get some great material updated and available in the Knowledge Base.
    Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?

  • Luba Reshitnyk

    I'm looking for the content from this link:

    Would be great to get it if possible.

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