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  • Keith Peterson

    Our latest blog post, eCognition on the Rocks - Detecting Rock Glaciers with Deep Learning & OBIA,  examines the research being done by Dr. Ben Robson of the University of Bergen and his team on cataloging rock glaciers with an automated classification approach combining deep learning and OBIA technologies.

  • Christian Weise

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  • Christian Weise

    Upcoming webinar on Rock Glacier Classification with Deep Learning & OBIA

    Date: Thursday, September 17
    Time: 8:00 am MDT | 4:00 pm CET
    Presenters: Keith Peterson (Trimble eCognition) & Dr. Benjamin Robson (University of Bergen)

    Rock glaciers can contain significant amounts of ice and are found typically in arid and semi-arid catchments. These are areas with limited water resources already, with climate change in some cases causing shrinking glaciers and altered precipitation patterns. Rock glaciers can therefore be considered a potentially important future water resource and should be inventoried and monitored.

    The methods typically used to delineate glacial landforms however do not translate well to rock glaciers due to their spectral similarity to the surrounding terrain. We will present a method that was developed within eCognition that combines deep learning (or Convolutional Neural Networks, CNNs) with Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA) to identify rock glaciers from 10 meter resolution Sentinel 2 imagery.

    To register for the webinar please click here.

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