Firstly I am very new to eCognition cloud-based software application with limited remote sensing experience.

Question - Which Expert Rule Set(s) in eCognition might prove to be useful to meet my objective defined below?

Objective - to map geomorphological and lithological characteristics in a remote dry desert landscape in eCognition.  I have the ability to ground-truth some of the classified areas to assess accuracy although not all.

Data Considerations 

  • Image Data - Hyperspectral Imagery if available that includes VNIR-SWIR datasets WorldView 3 or other if available
  • Surface elevation data - High Resolution lidar nDSM
  • Vector data-existing vector shapefiles I have to assist in verifying the analysis

Workflow in eCognition  Rule Sets being Considered

  • Rule-based eCognition experimentation  to detect  lithological/geomorphological features in the AOI (error detection early on)
  • Use-Update Vector Rule Set>Reset>Load Data
  • Use Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Classification and Regression Training (CART) Rule Sets combined with other Expert Rules Sets to resolve incorrectly classified issues.....?
  • Data Fusion Rule Set-apply other thematic datasets to tweak the analysis  by fusing together the three datasets (raster, surface model, and vector) layer arithmetics rule set followed by vector algorithms
  • Accuracy Assessment Rule Set?

Thank you





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