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I have samples to be exported as shapefile, but I would like to have the attributes table in CSV format instead of DBF format.

Is this possible at all?

Many thanks!

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  • Michael Wang

    Hi Clau,

    Yes this is possible.

    You may use a combination of the update supervised sample statistics algorithm and export supervised sample statistics.

    In the update algorithm, make sure to set the domain to image object level, and that the level in which you have selected your samples is selected. Then, you will have to pick a list of features to export in the parameters sections. Run this algorithm, and your samples are ready for export.

    Add another algorithm called export supervised sample statistics and change the export path to where you like to save the CSV (defaults to a place in the workspace). Once ran, you will have created a CSV with all the sample statistics in it.

    Note that this will not be able to save the complete geometry, but you will be able to add some geographic and geometric features (position, size, etc).

    Hope this helps!

    best regards,


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