Hello! I have a problem with exporting a vector layer from eCognition 10.2. When I try to add this layer to ArcGIS Pro, it shows me the following error message: "Failed to add data. Number of shapes does not match the number of table records." I have two classes, and it's at the "segments" level. The shape type is polygons, and I'm using a geocoordinate system - yes. The format is a shapefile, and the export mode is "statistic export item."

Does anyone know what the problem might be?


Thank you very much! Julia

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  • Ragavi S

    That error message is usually when the geometry part is getting out of kilter with the attribute part, one doesn't match the other and is normally fatal for shapefiles.

    Firstly I would dump shapefiles and get the data into a geodb. A shapefile with 2mill records might be getting close to its max size (the *.dbf part), 1Gb I think, maybe wrong

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