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When we updated OPA from 1.3 to 2.0, we changed the way approached the problem of detecting individual trees from rule-based template matching to a deep-learning-based neural network. This has been proven to be a more effective and accurate method, and we have heard a lot of good feedback from our customers.

However, the 1.3 version's ruleset and Architect Solution might be of interest for those who want to dig deep into its inner workings. As a thank you for all the support we got over the years for the OPA project, we are releasing the the Architect Solution for the 1.3 version of OPA to the eCognition community.

In practice, this means that with the attached file, you can run OPA 1.3 on your eCognition Developer 10.2 or eCognition Architect 10.2. 

In this attached file, you will find a zip file with everything you need to get OPA 1.3 start running on Developer or Architect.


To get this started:

  1. Please download the zip file here: OilPalm (1.3).zip
  2. Inside the zip file you will find a folder named "OilPalm"
  3. Please copy this folder into the bin/applications folder of your eCognition Developer or eCognition Architect installation. By default, the path would be "C:\Program Files\Trimble\eCognition Developer 10.2\bin\applications" or "C:\Program Files\Trimble\eCognition Architect X.X\bin\applications"

You now have OPA 1.3 running in either your Developer or Architect and ready to use. When you next open up your Developer or Architect, you will be prompted to enter either RuleSet Mode or OilPalm Mode. Selecting RuleSet mode will allow you to work with eCognition as before. Selecting OilPalm will now open the OPA application version of the software.

For advanced users who want to dig into the complicated ruleset, you will find the .dcp file in the Action Libraries of the folder, which you can load into eCognition Developer and make changes as you see fit.

Please note that this application is only officially compatible with eCognition Developer 10.2 and eCognition Architect 10.2. Some previous version may also work, but you may experience issues with compatibility.

Download Link: OilPalm (1.3).zip

If you have have never heard of eCognition Architect Solutions please have a look at our youtube video Tutorials on eCognition Architect:







  • junaedyk

    what version of ecognition does this application support?

  • junaedyk

    because I tried in ecognition version 9.0 it doesn't support

  • junaedyk

    if I want to get file.dpc through Action Libraries how do I do it? Thank you

  • Michael Wang

    Hello, unfortunately, this application is only officially supported on version 10.2 of the two softwares. Some previous versions may also be compatible with some minimal issues, but the 9.0 version would not be compatible.

  • Michael Wang

    The .dcp file can be imported into eCognition like any other ruleset, either through drag&drop or right clicking on the processes window and clicking "Load Rule Set..."

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