The eCognition Suite includes 3 different SDKs (software development kits):

  1. The Engine API can be used to expand the capabilities of the Trimble eCognition Analysis Engine software via plug-ins made up of one of more components. A plug-in component can either implement an algorithm or a feature. The Engine API User Guide provides general instructions about using the Engine API.
  2. The Data IO API can be used to develop drivers or plug-ins for additional data connectivity and integration.  You can build a connector to many kinds of things - a particular kind of file system, a binary image format, database and more. The Data IO API User Guide provides general instructions about using the Data IO API.
  3. The Automation API can be used to automate Trimble eCognition software and orchestrating the different processes. In general, the Automation API User Guide provides instructions on A) local automation allowing users to embed the Analysis Engine Software into other softwares and B) remote processing via SOAP interface, i.e. functionality available in a script to automate eCognition Server.

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  • Loreena Jaouen

    Hi, I am very interested in the Automation API SDK, but I am finding the documentation difficult to follow. Do you have any workshops, webinars or tutorials to help with this? Is that something you are planning in the future? Any help to get started would be greatly appreciated.

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