If you want to only save a section of your rule set instead of saving the whole thing, just right-click onto the parent-process and choose "Save Rule Set Selection...". This will only export the highlighted process, as well as its child processes. This allows you to export sections and also reuse / load them easily into other projects. You are welcome!




  • Keith Peterson

    All rule set elements are saved as *.dcp files. You can save either an entire rule set or a specific part of a rule set. All *.dcp files can be combined within the Process Tree - simply add one and then another. Then you can adjust the position of the various rule sets and save a the combined rule sets as a new rule set. Rule set editing is very flexible.

  • Gizem Karslioglu

    what's the file format of saving a parent-process? Can we import it on any other project later?

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