In this video we show how you can use the "Sobel operation filter" algorithm to emphasize edges in your image layers. This nicely shows how a raster-based algorithm (we have more) can be implemented in your workflow in the Trimble eCognition Software to highlight features that you are interested in. The output of the algorithm then can be used for segmentation or classification.

Download data & ruleset

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  • Lucas Gö

    in the context of my master thesis I am working with WorldView3 data of Ethiopia (only a monotemporal data set without further layers like DSM.
    I am in the process of classifying the buildings and thought I could use the Sobel or Canny filter. It works fine so far, the buildings are recognised... but the edges of my scene are also detected.
    Am I right in thinking that I can avoid this by setting a condition? How should I proceed here? Unfortunately I am only a beginner and have limited experience

    I look forward to an answer

    Best regards Lucas

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