This tutorial is intended for novice users of the eCognition software. This tutorial will focus on the introductory steps and concepts involved in developing a Rule Set using eCognition Developer. It's a perfect starting point for a first hands-on experience with the software which further will allow you to create your own rule set for your specific tasks.

In the context of this tutorial, we will look at classifying buildings footprints using 3-band (RGB) aerial imagery combined with a Digital Surface Model (DSM).


If you are already an experienced user, this tutorial will probably also show you some tips and tricks that you will appreciate. So give it a go! 

For questions that may arise during this tutorial, please consult the online help or the offline help documents: ReferenceBook.pdf or the UserGuide.pdf. In addition, you can also refer to the eCognition Knowledge Base.

Further information about eCognition products is available on our website:

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