This section describes the steps for installing License Server Software.

Before starting with the installation of eCognition 9.0, please make sure to uninstall the old License Serve. Then proceed to the steps below:

  1. After downloading and extracting the .zip file containing the License Server setup.exe installation file, start the installation by double-clicking the file. This launches the setup wizard where you have to press Next to proceed.
  2. Select I accept the terms in the License Agreement to proceed to the next screen.
  3. In the Activation Options dialog, enter your Entitlement ID which you obtained in your Entitlement-email.
  4. In the next dialog please select the licenses you want to activate and click on Activate.


License Management Dialog


  • He, Yinan

    where to download this file?

  • Alexis Londo

    I have done this and have an activated license but eCognition will still not run

  • W Clapham

    I have also activated 10 seats for eCognition 9, but when I tell Developer the IP address of my license server, it goes into a loop asking for the IP address of the license server. eCognition does not run.

  • @He Yinan: eCogLM.exe is a part of the license server installation and can be found in the installation directory.

  • @W Clapham: There is a "floating.lic" file in the lic-folder of the Developer installation. Please check if the license server IP address is configured there. E.g.:



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